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Ticketing Changes

New for 2023!

Why Ticketmaster

After months of thoughtful research and consideration we are excited to announce a new

partnership with Ticketmaster. Every decision we make is mindful of improving our facility and

the shows we offer and your overall experience at our venue. There were three main reasons

for our decision:


1. Protection from ticket resellers. So many of you fell victim to reseller sites that sold you

tickets to our shows at sometimes three times the value. This is unacceptable. Through

research, we have learned that Ticketmaster’s state of the art software is much better at

detecting resellers and has ticket transfer technology that can track each ticket. We did not

have access to this technology and felt it was imperative to help our consumers from being



2. Marketing. The goal of our venue is to provide quality live music acts not only for our

community, but to bring visitors from all over the country to Terre Haute. This leads to money

spent on local restaurants, hotels and shopping. Ticketmaster is a power house in the music

industry. Their database is extensive and will allow us to reach more people, more efficiently.

People who may not be familiar with The Mill will be familiar with Ticketmaster and have no

reservations about their purchase.


3. Improved software and hardware for customer services. In general, we are excited to

upgrade our software for ticket sales and the hardware for our box office. Although

Ticketmaster is used with Live Nation venues, they are not exclusive with each other; meaning

we are still the same independently owned venue. Giving you the best consumer experience

and protecting your purchase will always be a priority. We hope to give you improved ticket

scanning and box office experiences the day of the show.


We hope you find the checkout system seamless. The fees are roughly the same as we have had with our last ticketing platform.

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