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Dream BIG or Don't Dream at All

The future is bright for the 65+ acre property located at 2403 Prairieton Road in Terre Haute and it's going to be more than a music venue, it's going to be a District. The campus design is set to be a playground for the community and tourists, both young and old. In this rendering, the concept comes to life as we showcase the vast opportunities to utilize what could be a public/private partnership for our community. It also highlights proposed projects for Terre Haute such as a multi-sports complex and waterpark.

This rendering was crafted from countless hours of research. Since opening, we have been in contact with communities that have been able to bring their visions to life. Tuscaloosa Amphitheater, the ORION in Huntsville, Alabama and The Devon in Decatur, IL are great examples of successfully established public/private relationships centered around amphitheaters.


Our hope is that you share our dream. Help us pave the way by bringing tourism to Terre Haute, increasing the quality of life and giving people a reason to stay and a reason to visit.  

The Future Could Be Closer Than You Think

In the past five years, Terre Haute has taken on and achieved huge growth milestones. Downtown has seen tremendous changes with the construction of the Terre Haute Convention Center and the investments made by local, small business owners to the betterment of their properties. The I-70 and 46 corridor has continued to boom and the development of a new casino taking shape adds the right amount of fuel to keep Terre Haute moving in the right direction. 

We are proud to be able to add to the changing landscape of Terre Haute in not only converting a piece of property that has been an eyesore to residents, but by fueling the city's economy. A study conducted by Oxford University revealed the extraordinary economic impact of a concert ticket.

Oxford Study

What do you think?

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