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ADA Accessibility

Facilities at The Mill are festival style grounds with grass and gravel. There are concrete walkways that are ADA accessible, with ADA portable restrooms located in the GA/Lawn area. Tickets in the PIT and VIP are not ADA accessible. We offer free, limited handicapped parking in the main parking lot close to the venue entrance. Space is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. For questions or assistance please contact


The Mill offers a wide variety of alcoholic beverages for purchase during your time at the venue. You are not permitted to bring any alcoholic beverages into the venue. A valid and current Driver License or State ID card is required to purchase alcohol- guests will be required to show ID every time they purchase.

Animals - Service

Like many venues and other large places of assembly, The Mill has a “no pets” policy. However, service pets are allowed. The Mill’s policy, consistent with ADA’s revised guidelines, defines “service animal” as limited to a dog that is individually trained to do work or perform tasks for an individual with a disability. The task(s) performed by the dog must be directly related to the individual’s disability.

The Mill requires, consistent with the ADA, that service animals must be harnessed, leashed, or tethered, unless these devices interfere with the service animal’s work or the individual’s disability prevents him or her from using these devices. Individuals who cannot use such devices must maintain control of the animal through voice, signal, or other effective methods.

Automobile Assistance

If any assistance is needed with your vehicle, please contact your normal Emergency Assistance provider. The Mill does not have tow or lockout services on site. Emergency assistance vehicles are permitted on property to assist with lockouts, jumps or tows but the guest will need to arrange for such services.


All bags are subject to search upon entry. Guests have the right to refuse a bag search and the venue has the right to refuse entry. If you have any items that are not allowed into the venue, please return them to your vehicle. Please note that the only bags allowed are bags that are clear plastic, vinyl or PVC and do not exceed 12" x 6" x 12" or small wristlet purses that are not bigger than 10" x 6".

Banners and Signs

Signs larger than 8.5” X 11” in are not permitted into the venue. This size is a standard sheet of paper. We do not allow in banners or signs that are larger than this due to the potential to block other guests view of the performance. All signs must be appropriate in nature and not be a distraction to the artist.


SUBJECT TO CHANGE - The standard venue policy allows camera phones, disposable cameras, and small digital cameras. Any camera that has a detachable lens will be considered professional and not allowed in. If the camera lens zooms out of the camera more than 1 in- it will be considered a professional camera and will not be allowed in. Some artists do not permit cameras so please check back for the show you will be attending to ensure that we will be allowing cameras in.

Conceal and Carry

The Mill does not allow weapons on our property. Guests should follow all applicable laws regarding securing a weapon in a vehicle if they have it on them when they arrive. The venue will not secure weapons and will take no responsibility for any weapons left in vehicles.


The Mill will have various food options throughout the season. The types of food can vary show to show, however some items will remain constant like cheeseburgers, hot dogs, pulled pork and fries. No coolers, food or beverage of any kind are allowed to be brought inside the venue.  Non-alcoholic beverages will be offered for purchase at our bars and food truck areas.

Credit / Debit Cards

All main beverage areas take Visa/MasterCard/Discover and American Express. Smaller stands, portable concessions and food trucks may be cash only.


In the event of an emergency while on-site The Mill has trained paramedics to assist with any medical issues. Any staff member with a radio can dispatch First Aid to the location needed. Local law enforcement officers are also on site for every event and can assist if needed or requested. Venue management works closely with all appropriate emergency agencies and services to ensure that we are up to date on any dangerous weather or potential crowd related issues. In the event of a weather emergency we will communicate with guests that are inside of the facility as well as guests on their way to the venue.

Guest Conduct

Guests are expected to behave respectfully and in accordance with venue policy, state and local laws. Any guest that is acting in a manner that venue management deems unsafe can be subject to eviction. If a guest violates a state or local law, they will be subject to any tickets or punishment deemed necessary by local law enforcement.

Lawn Chairs / Blankets

For most shows: Guests are allowed to bring one chair/blanket per person excluding VIP Pit ticket holders. Bags for the chairs are NOT allowed. THIS POLICY IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE IF THE MILL IS CO-HOSTING AN EVENT OR IF THE MILL HAS A FESTIVAL. Each section could change to no chairs are allowed if the event warrants.

No chairs allowed in the VIP Pit area, unless a co-hosted event warrants chairs.


Wagons are not allowed.

Parking / Showtime

Parking lots generally open 2-3 hours before show time. Please check the specific event page as these times are subject to change. Please do not attempt to enter the venue any earlier than the designated time that the parking lot opens or you will be asked to turn around and return when the parking lot opens. For most shows, there are no parking fees for standard vehicles. RV parking is subject to availability and will be charged a fee. ADA parking is available near the venue entrance.




Tailgating must be confined to the rear of your vehicle and not interfere with the parking of other vehicles. Tents and canopies are not permitted. Any type of grill is not permitted. Glass is not permitted in any area of the park. Please use cans or plastic instead.


The Mill is an outdoor venue and shows typically occur in all elements of Indiana weather, so be prepared for adverse weather conditions, including full exposure to the sun, wind and even severe rain. It is always wise to dress in layers, have a poncho on hand and to wear sunscreen.

Wear comfortable walking shoes, as routes from parking lots to the gates may be partially grass/dirt and sometimes lengthy in distance, depending on what time you arrive.

If you are instructed to leave the venue for a weather delay or cancellation, in most cases, your vehicle is your safest shelter. Be sure to keep your ticket stub or seat locator for re-entry once the all-clear is issued.

If rain is expected, umbrellas are not allowed.

Is Smoking Allowed?

Smoking of any kind is not permitted at The Mill, except in designated smoking areas. This is subject to change if an artist requests no smoking.

Where are you located?

2403 Prairieton Rd, Terre Haute, IN 47802

What is the difference between VIP PIT, VIP and GA Lawn?

The VIP Pit ticket is a standing room only space directly in front of the stage.  No lawn chairs/blankets are allowed in the pit. The standard VIP ticket is behind the pit area, but lawn chairs are allowed. Both VIP sections have their own restrooms and bar area. The GA Lawn ticket is behind both VIP sections. Lawn chairs are allowed in this area. We realize that all tickets contain a seat and row number.

Our venue DOES NOT contain permanent seating so we know this is confusing. Unfortunately, Ticketmaster is not able to remove the seat and row number on tickets.

GA Lawn Graphics Design-02 (UPDATE).jpg
How Are Ticket Prices and Fees Determined?


The Mill determines the set face value price based on the number of tickets to be sold and the artist individual contract.

Ticket fees (which can include a facility fee and order processing/handling fee) are determined in collaboration with our ticketing site. The portion of fees we keep helps us to provide free parking, the lowest beverage prices we can offer, and continued facility maintenance and improvement. These fees help us operate and invest back in the venue. Facility charges may vary from event to event and can be raised or lowered over time. City, state, and local taxes are typically included in the face value of the ticket or in the fees.

Venue box office sales are the same ticket price plus fees. These could be lowered or raised at any time.

How Can I Contact The Mill?

Venue Phone number: 812.281.2104
Venue Email:

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