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The Details

  • This is the absolute lowest price tickets will EVER be offered during the season. Limited amount available so buy now!

  • Tickets are for GA only. Upgrades will not be allowed.

  • "Fast Pass" means all season pass holders will have their own line to enter the venue with no waiting time!

  • Pass is only valid for the 2023 season hosted by The Mill.

  • Passes will be shipped within 3 days of purchasing and will be sent to the original purchaser.

  • Passes can be purchased as a gift. Please put in the information of who the pass will be gifted to ("the member") and the pass will be shipped to the purchaser.

  • IDs will be checked with the pass at the gate.

  • You cannot change the name after purchasing and receiving the pass.

  • Absolutely no refunds.

  • Passes are not transferable.

  • If pass is lost or stolen, Contact Customer Service at Your original Lawn Pass will be deactivated and you will receive a new Lawn Pass. You will be charged a Lawn Pass replacement fee of $30 per replacement.

  • Festivals are not included

  • Special events are not included.

  • Third party rentals may be excluded. Exclusions will be announced at the time of the event.

  • Shipping is included in the fees.

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